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The Beak - by C.C. Chickpea

C. C. Chickpea, celebrated author and philanthropist, has produced another dazzling best seller. Along with One Good Tern and The Goog Life, The Beak is sure to ruffle a few feathers...

A Vögel Peace Prize recipient, Miss Chickpea is no stranger to controversy... The latest offering has been branded ‘poppycock and nonsense’ by vintage tie collector, The Honourable Babbington Birtwhistle. Co-written by Martin’s Gully Public School Students, The Beak has also received rave reviews within the feathered fraternity: Tawny Turpin describing it as ‘offbeat, irreverent and charming...’

You be the judge!

A note for parents...

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About Miss Chickpea

C.C. Chickpea lives in the northern New England and writes hard-hitting journalistic pieces on a range of topics. She is a prize-winning author and occasional co-pilot for Little Wings, an organisation she greatly admires.

Miss Chickpea loves to sail, particularly in pirate vessels and is a keen world traveller.

Over the door of her coop is the slogan “Make a Difference”, a policy she tries to adhere to an a daily basis.


Little Wings Logo“Little Wings provides a free flight service for seriously ill children and their families, to and from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.”

Miss Chickpea is donating 10% of all profits to Little Wings.